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Jeremy Mills & Jamal Crawford teamed up in the Summer of 2018 to produce The CrawsOver Podcast. The CrawsOver pro-am basketball league is played from July to August on weekends at Seattle Pacific University. Visit @thecrawsover on Twitter for more details. 

Jamal Crawford speaking to the tryouts for The CrawsOver.

Episode #57: Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford joined me live from the gym of Seattle Pacific University after the tryouts for a spot on The CrawsOver roster. We reminisce about the best of the pro-am, he breaks down what fans can expect this season, including what hometown favorite Pro-Am legends will return, & much more. 

Seattle's top hoopers trying out for a spot on The CrawsOver.

Seattle's top hoopers trying out for a spot on The CrawsOver.

Episode #58: The Tryouts

On June 22nd, 2018 The CrawsOver held open tryouts for a spot on the roster. I was there live for all of the action and able to catch up with some of the top players. 

Tony Wroten

Episode #60

Tony Wroten was drafted 25th overall in the 2012 NBA Draft by the Memphis Grizzlies. He went on to play with the 76ers & Knicks. Wroten is currently working towards getting back to the NBA.


Robert Upshaw

Episode #60

After showing incredible potential at UW & the NBA Combine, Robert Upshaw had a brief stint with the Los Angeles Lakers during Summer League and training camp. After turning heads at The CrawsOver, EuroHoops reports he signed to play with Akra in Poland.


Von Wafer

Episode #60

The Los Angeles Lakers selected Von Wafer in 2005 in the 2nd round. His most successful stop in the NBA thus far has been with the Houston Rockets. He scored a career high 23-points in 2009. Wafer is currently training in Washington & Louisiana.

Spencer Hawes

Episode #60

Versatile big man, Spencer Hawes was drafted 10th overall in the 2007 Draft. Hawes has had success with multiple teams including the 76ers, Cavs, Clippers, & Hornets. When he isn't training for an NBA comeback, you can find him on Lake Washington soaking up the sun.


DeJounte Murray

Episode #61

Projected Spurs starting point guard DeJounte Murray has impressed in his first two seasons in the league. Even earning NBA All-Defensive Second Team honors in 2018. He is confident going into the 2018-19 season with an opportunity for more leadership and production.


Marquese Chriss

Episode #61

The 8th pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, Marquese Chriss made the decision, along with his agent & the Suns, to train in Seattle to get him ready for the season. Along with working alongside former teammate DeJounte Murray, Chriss has been seen working with Seattle legend Jamal Crawford.

Zach LaVine

Episode #62

Fresh off of signing a 4-year, $80-million contract with Chicago, Zach LaVine returned to The CrawsOver. He put on a show that brought the famous Seattle sports energy to SPU.


Nahziah Carter

Episode #63

Let the record show, Naz Carter was the first person to appear on The Jeremy Mills Podcast shirtless. Catch him leading the Husky defense this season on Montlake. And possibly at YummyBites.


David Crisp

Episode #63

David Crisp has given the spark the Tacoma Thunder has needed at The CrawsOver. It was a similar spark that he gave to UW last season. If this summer is any indication, Crisp has a great season ahead of him with UW.


Noah Dickerson

Episode #63

Husky big-man, Noah Dickerson has a great basketball history already. Playing with Ben Simmons & DeAngelo Russel in high school, Markelle Fultz in college, & alongside Jamal Crawford for a few summers at The CrawsOver. Even with such polarizing names, you always come away impressed with Dickerson. If that isn't impressive enough, he is one hell of a dog father.

IMG_3342 (1).JPG

Nyale Robinson & JJ Crawford

Episode #64

Nyale Robinson (son of Nate Robinson) spoke on life as a young hooper, what it’s like to be the son of an NBA player, his thoughts on AAU basketball, & what his Dad did most to impress him.

JJ talks about Fortnite, playing his Dad in NBA 2K, what he thought when he realized his Dad had a lot of “followers”, & his favorite day at The CrawsOver.


Jamal Crawford

Episode #65

Jamal Crawford joined me to check in mid-way through The CrawsOver, give us an update on his free agency, & most importantly give me advice before my wedding. He tells the story of how he purposed & why it surprised his wife so much.


Rob Harris

Episode #66

Rob Harris of SB Battle joined me to talk about his history playing at The CrawsOver & Jamal Crawford. He also thinks back on some of his favorite memories as a player and spectator.


Ahmaad Rorie

Episode #66

Ahmaad Rorie of Worldwide SM & The University of Montana spoke about playing for Coach Snow, his favorite memory as a player at The CrawsOver, & who we see’s as competitors in the playoffs.


MarJon Beauchamp

Episode #67

MarJon Beauchamp of The Unit & Rainier Beach High School joined us 7 gave insight on playing with Michael Porter Jr. & being coached by Brandon Roy. He also reflects on playing against Noah Dickerson, how he views Rainier Beach High School & their basketball history, & his goals as a junior.

Alex Kennedy

Episode #67

NBA news breaker Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype explained how he met Jamal Crawford and how they became friends. Then both of us completely gush over Jamal the person. Alex gives us the latest news on Jamal the basketball player and news on where he might end up signing in free agency.


Clyde Crawford

Episode #68

Clyde Crawford tells me about his basketball history, why he chose to play at the University of Oregon, the injury that ended his career, & his favorite place he traveled while playing overseas. Then we talk about his son, Jamal Crawford, and what he was like as a child, when he knew his son had a chance to make it, what he's most proud of looking back at Jamal's career, & his advice for parents of athletes trying to make it.


Kevin Pelton

Episode #69

Kevin Pelton of ESPN joined me live from The CrawsOver to give his initial impressions of the games so far including a shout out to the pro-am Twin Towers- Spencer Hawes & Drew Eubanks.

We then chat about his favorite memory of the league- dating back to the Brandon Roy era. Kevin explains why Kawhi Leonard to Toronto should have gotten more attention & what he is most excited for in the 2018-19 NBA Season. A bonus segment gives him a chance to tell me the most excited he has seen Zach Lowe.


Ekam Nagra

Episode #70

The CrawsOver fans know the Ball Don’t Stop YouTube channel very well- it’s the place we relive what we just witnessed in person at The CrawsOver.

Or the fans who aren’t in the Pacific Northwest, where they get a taste of Seattle basketball.

Founder Ekam Nagra explained how he got involved with The CrawsOver, what Jamal Crawford has meant for the Canada as a whole, his favorite memory from the Vancouver Pro-Am, & his advice for young media moguls hoping to make it where he has.


Vance Dawson

Episode #70

The Voice of The CrawsOver- Vance Dawson. The PA announcer for the past 8 seasons, Vance has seen them all come through. He’s also probably made them laugh with his one liners that add just the right flavor to The CrawsOver. He speaks about getting the job, how he comes up with his one liners, & who has impressed him the most when they came trough SPU.


Kenny Mayne

Episode #71

Legendary ESPN host & Seattle ambassador Kenny Mayne joined us from ‘’the sky box’’ at The CrawsOver. Kenny tells us how he recently got to know Jamal Crawford and what sets him apart from other people in life. He also explains the story behind his organization “Run Freely”- his ankle injury and how that motivated him to help veterans in need. To finish, we get Kenny’s thoughts on what he has seen so far at The CrawsOver.


Jackson Stava

Episode #72

Seattle Pacific University Athletic Director Jackson Stava joined me from The CrawsOver to explain how he got involved with the pro-am, what it’s like working with Jamal Crawford, & reminisces about some of his favorite CrawsOver memories. Then we explore his job as Athletic Director at SPU & how he can impact his student body.

Jaylyn Richardson

Episode #72

Jaylyn Richardson of the Kitsap Admirals spoke about the hoop scene in the south vs Seattle, how he secured a spot on The CrawsOver roster, & what he’s learned playing against the competition.